SPA LIBERIA recognized students as the primary reason for which we exist. Students from diverse social, educational, cultural, and other backgrounds are welcomed to SPA LIBERIA, a caring and secure Inter-Security Organization for students to be protected as they attain the knowledge, skills and abilities required for a full and active citizenship in which their individual needs and interests are addressed; such as student’s well-being, health, education and conditions harmful to learning in several districts and institutions within the fifteen counties of the Republic of Liberia remain a national formidable challenge in addressing complaints emulating from students across the country.

We appreciate students achievements and contributions to our communities. We want to reiterate and reassure the community that the safety of our students is, and always will be, our top priority.

We are committed to maintaining the highest expectations of our staff for creating a learning environment that is safe and secure


It is now a decade and a year since the United Nations (UN) launched the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals centered on the need to reduce the myriad of problems facing humanity and It should be noted that Liberia which is a small English speaking country of 38,350 square miles (111,370 square kilometers) located in West Africa., and bounded by Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire; having gone through a 14-years civil war that lasted from 1989-2003 left the basic social service delivery systems in tatters, especially with the health and education systems, as a result of the conflict, most skilled professionals fled to neighboring countries. The intermittent and long-lasting nature of the conflict made it difficult for students to attend schools, leaving an entire generation virtually uneducated; additionally, the education system was unable to provide for new teachers or health practitioners to guarantee the future of these systems and today Sexual intercourse for grades or exchange of money for grades, humiliation, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling Center, child marriage, child labor, insalubrious school lavatory, student’s starvation, HIV/AIDS and other conditions harmful to learning remain a national formidable challenge.

It is against these backgrounds and among other factors affecting students which inspired the formation of the corporation in 2016, inaugurated in 2017 and officially registered in 2018. SPA LIBERIA offices within the fifteen counties of the Republic of Liberia are to benefit every students without discrimination based on religion, gender, race, color, physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics, such as accent or dress associated with a particular religion, ethnicity, or country of origin. 


SPA LIBERIA  is a central player that puts women’s rights and gender equality on the national development agenda through advocacy, information, development cooperation, partnership and affiliation with state authorities, women’s organizations, disabilities organizations, sport’s organizations, advocacy organizations, human rights organizations, gender equality organizations, juvenile justice organizations, national and international learning institutions through collaboration with SPA LIBERIA departments specifying the functions and responsibilities of the organization in Liberia:

Department of Advocacy & Legal Affairs (DALA)

The Department of Advocacy & Legal Affairs shall deal with all advocacy and legal issues for students with and without disabilities, particularly where their rights, safety, care, protection, justice have been infringed upon and ensuring that  student’s victim/survivors of sexual assault have access to services which are responsive and appropriate to their needs. This department shall be responsible to handle litigation cases and files, internal or external legal and administrative matters before the courts and/or arbitration bodies and providing legal opinion on a variety of issues such as high-risk sexual behaviors, inequality, poverty, social exclusion and discrimination.

School Safety & Security Department

The School Safety & Security Department is to assist school officials with their efforts in handling crisis situations, which may arise at the schools site and to maintain a close cooperation with school administrators in order to provide a safe and conducive learning atmosphere. This department shall foster a strong collaboration with law enforcement officers to monitor crime statistics at learning institutions and conduct security inspections to deter criminal or delinquent activities during school hours, which may involve weapons, dangerous substances or in such cases that the student’s emotional state may present a risk to the administrator and to prevent crime. This will also include strategies to effectively respond to emergencies, reducing or eliminating crime, accidents, injuries, and illnesses as well as other kinds of intolerance and discrimination, misbehavior at school sports events that may affect the safety and security of students, instructors, and schools authorities.

Department on Grievances & Ethic (DGE) 

The department on grievances and ethics shall be responsible for conflict resolution, transformation and prevention through an established conceptual framework that is gear towards problem solving and promotion of intercultural, inter-religious, and inter-civilization dialogue. This method of intervention shall involve students dealing with conflict and prevention of anti-social acts  for transformation, rehabilitation and cognitive skills which seeks to avoid students riot and classroom misbehavior.

 Department of Adult Literacy Education (DALE)

The Department of Adult Literacy Education (DALE) is to reduce (or eliminate) adult illiteracy, ensuring that the learning needs of all adults are met through equitable access to appropriate learning and life-skills programs designed in order to encourage the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes with regards to reading, writing and numeracy to help poor and illiterate people improve their chances of changing their situation.

Credential Scrutinizing Department (CSD)

The Credential Scrutinizing Department (CSD) task-force is to work in collaboration with state authorities for convicted teachers to be arrested and prosecuted for using forged certificates and to set a mechanism in order to care-check teacher credentials especially, fake credentials and fictitious teachers that undermines quality education and to ensure that students are taught by qualified instructors to get proper education, advice and guidance to become successful in career, business and strive for greatness.

  Juvenile Student Justice Department (JSJD)

The Juvenile Student Justice Department (JSJD) is an interactive forum with the goal to provide care, protection, treatment and rehabilitation of neglected or delinquent juvenile students and to encourage interest in and improve awareness of issues affecting Juveniles who are convicted of criminal offenses and intervenes in matters involving the  police, court, and correctional centers and to provide full coverage of services envisaged under the Juvenile Justice Act to include visiting and inspecting jails, detention and correctional facilities that may hold Juvenile Students voluntarily or involuntarily.


Federation of Female Student’s Clubs (FFSC)

The Federation of Female Student’s Clubs (FFSC) shall be responsible to advance female learning capacity, well-being, integrity, loyalty and access to micro credit as a means to unite Students from different schools coming together for cooperative strategy in alliances, thematic networks and information work ending gender-based violence, rape, discrimination against women, women-child labor and promoting gender equity, job opportunities, women right, social and economic suppression and offering “scholarship” for female students under difficult circumstances.  


Department of Teenage Mother Basic Education (DTMBE)

The Department of Teenage Mother Basic Education (DTMBE) is responsible to develop a model of support in providing free education, healthcare and welfare service as a strategy to eradicate illiteracy and to promote vocational skills training for sustainable livelihoods in responding to Teenage Mother and pregnant women so desirous of continuing their education.


Department of Student Pregnancy Prevention (DSPP)

The Department of Student Pregnancy Prevention (DSPP) aim is to explore the effects of teenage pregnancy which has a negative or detrimental effect on school attendance, academic performance, emotional behavior and to encourage teenagers to use preventative and protective measures to delay their involvement into sexual relationships.


Department of Student with Disabilities (DSD)

The Department of Student with Disabilities (DSD) shall provide support services for students with disabilities to ensure they have equal opportunities for free sports programs, education, healthcare, vocational skills training and providing information, advice and practical assistance to meet their personal, social and learning needs and to enhance their well-being.


Department of Health & Rescue (DHR)

The Department of Health & Rescue (DHR) is to support students engagement in health activities, life skills training and to maintain a 24 hours service for students healthcare, school ambulance, emergency clinical care, medical retrieval, fire prevention & safety in rescue operations during national calamities, crisis, disaster and major accidents as rapidly as possible and to ensure that all services are delivered in a professional and courteous manner to provide an efficient, effective and accountable ambulance officers and rescue workforce who will provide best services and delivering prevention messages to those at risk and integrating three key service areas: prevention, protection and intervention.


Department of Sports and Physical Activities (DSPA)

The Department of Sports and Physical Activities (DSPA) shall collaborate with learning institutions and communities to improve sports and physical activities for students with and without disabilities; while the female sports federation administering women sports and physical activities shall ensure the eradication of illegal substances to improve health and physical fitness for the prevention of several diseases and to improve proper weight management, blood circulation, lower hypertension, etc.

Department of Student Welfare (DSW)

The Department of Student Welfare is responsible to seek the welfare of students with and without disabilities by ensuring for their well-being, school breakfast program - food and nutrition services, vocational skills development, self-help agriculture programs, social dimension of education, renovation of school under destitute conditions, etc.

MISSION:  Working collectively for the eradication of illiteracy, student protection, wellbeing, gender equality among others will be the focus for national development.      

VISION:  Farsightedness for an impeccable nation; where Women, Men, Boys and Girls will be educated, healthy, protected and live a balanced life.

MOTTO: Today’s Education for Tomorrow Leaders

SLOGAN:   Preserve Justice and Respect for All Students   

The Corporation shall be transparent and accountable to its Donors, Patrons, and Partners in line with the corporation Core Values:

Members of SPA LIBERIA shall voluntarily participate in activities of the organization without expecting any individual gains or rewards.

SPA LIBERIA shall adhere to the respect of the values of all its stakeholders whose participation in its decision making processes is vitally important.

SPA LIBERIA shall in all of our endeavors practice openness and remains accountable through full accurate reports, timely feedbacks and be transparent in its operation and in doing so shall demonstrate that our services meet the needs of all students in an efficient manner and encourages open access to information, participation, and decision-making, which ultimately creates a higher level of trust amongst stakeholders.

SPA LIBERIA shall strive to ensure that students from diverse cultures, ethnic origins, sexual and gender identifications, religious or faith backgrounds, and all types of disabilities receive equitable access to our services and practice the value of inclusivity through a shared belief in respect of ourselves and our neighborhood.

SPA LIBERIA shall be true to others and ourselves in daily interfacing with individuals and demonstrate honesty in words, feelings and actions delivering the best of our ability and Integrity in the right manner and in all interactions.

SPA LIBERIA shall ensure sustainability nationwide in conception and practice, balancing our short- and long-term needs to develop and protect resources at a rate and in a manner that enables students to meet their current needs and also ensure that future generations can meet their needs.

SPA LIBERIA shall be responsible to its stakeholders to include affiliates, board members, donors, patrons and others who have contributed successfully to uphold the trust and this will be done by the following:

Insure open and transparent reporting and fiscal accountability.

Disclose fully the state of our organization, recognizing that power comes from a healthy evaluation of both our strengths and weaknesses, and uphold the highest standards of accountability.

Believe that services must be delivered based on the best substantiation available; we will measure our performance by quantifiable methods and provide evidence-based proof of our achievements. We will equip ourselves with the tools and means necessary to provide information to all our stakeholders

To ensure that donors and prospective donors have full confidence in SPA LIBERIA by using donations effectively and for the intended purposes of SPA LIBERIA operations. The staff and volunteer leadership will:

Provide appropriate acknowledgement and recognition;

Respond promptly and accurately to donor questions;

Provide access to the organization’s financial statements upon request and publish annual reports;

Assure that all contributions, gifts, favors, fees or honoraria are used for the purposes for which they are given;

Staff and philanthropic volunteers will practice fundraising with integrity, honesty, and adherence to the absolute obligation to safeguard the public trust;

Every staff member is treated with the utmost respect and integrity.   We as an organization embrace and value diversity and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form. We will always strive to meet the highest standard of performance, quality, and service as we work to achieve our mission.

Will encourage a culture where individuals feel free to express their opinions, engage in open, honest debate in the interest of seeking truth and building consensus.

Strives to inform and educate the general public regarding the strengths, needs, programs, activities, advocacy, communication, and public education activities.

Provide information that reflects and fosters these values and gives the public truthful, clear, and full disclosure of the organization’s programs, activities, finances, operating standards and practices.

Ensure that all confidential, privileged or nonpublic information is not disclosed inappropriately and will respect the privacy rights of all individuals.

In upholding the reputation of SPA LIBERIA, with pride in our personnel and professional standing and our obligation to combat illiteracy and empower students nationwide, it is expected that all SPA LIBERIA staff will:

Conduct personal and professional assessment with awareness that by agreeing to participate in the fulfillment of the organization’s mission, we assume responsibility for the honor and integrity of SPA LIBERIA.  

SPA LIBERIA recognizes that within the organization each person shall take part in protective procedures that reflect the fair, responsive, straightforward, courteous communication and behavior that persons of good will and mutual trust may expect from you.

NOTE: It has been ignored, that high tuition fees restrict access to education and decline efforts for the ever-growing student population.

In support of the 1986 Constitution chapter II general principles of national policy regarding the Principles on Equality in Educational Opportunities:

Article 6

The Republic shall, because of the vital role assigned to the individual citizen under this Constitution for the social, economic and political well-being of Liberia, provide equal access to educational opportunities and facilities for all citizens to the extent of available resources. Emphasis shall be placed on the mass education of the Liberian people and the elimination of illiteracy.

 In conclusion, for the education of our children, "SPA LIBERIA" be strong to buttress government efforts in all aspects of education for sustainable development and work collaboratively with teachers, learning institutions and other stakeholders to uphold the learning process for the eradication of illiteracy.



A message from the Director General