The Student Protection Agency of Liberia is an inter-security agency, aimed at buttressing the initiatives of government, local and international organizations with emphases on their goals and objectives towards the development, empowerment, sports, safety, health, human rights, justice, security and education of students/youths without discrimination based on age, religion, gender, race, color, physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics, such as accent or dress code associated with a particular religion, ethnicity, or country of origin.                                    

WHEREAS, the Student Protection Agency of Liberia services shall cover all areas of legal redress with collective action plans in law enforcement response to end crime/violence against students, youths, women, and children.    

WHEREAS, the Student Protection Agency of Liberia as an integral part of government national development initiatives with a mandate to identify, coordinate and participate in international high-profile collaborative research activities in all sectors and to become a leading agency in carrying out joint research efforts with partner institutions worldwide, developing expertise in various areas with increasingly more competitive in knowledge creation and development through the provision of outstanding research environment for exceptional researchers.              

WHEREAS, The Student Protection Agency of Liberia as part of its national and international engagements across a variety of research in all field of studies including, but not limited to the following: Social Justice, Rule of Law, Criminal Justice, Mental Health, Trauma Research, etc. 


MISSION: Working collectively for the eradication of illiteracy, student protection, wellbeing, gender equality among others will be the focus for national development.


To contribute to the eradication of illiteracy through a strategic framework based on the education laws and principles, to help build a better system where students / youths are self-fulfilled as individual and acquire knowledge under a healthy, secure and conducive atmosphere.

VISION:  Farsightedness for an impeccable nation; where Women, Men, Boys and Girls will be educated, healthy, protected and lives a balanced life.


To see a Liberia where students / youths live in safety and security with equal opportunities to realize their dreams and aspirations; and be success focused and morally upright to exploit their maximum potential in society.

MOTTO: Today’s Education for Tomorrow Leaders

SLOGAN:   Preserve Justice and Respect for All Students

NOTE: It has been ignored, that high tuition fees restrict access to education and decline efforts for the ever-growing student population.

In support of the 1986 Constitution chapter II general principles of national policy regarding the Principles on Equality in Educational Opportunities:

Article 6

The Republic shall, because of the vital role assigned to the individual citizen under this Constitution for the social, economic and political well-being of Liberia, provide equal access to educational opportunities and facilities for all citizens to the extent of available resources. Emphasis shall be placed on the mass education of the Liberian people and the elimination of illiteracy.

In conclusion, for the education of our children, "SPA LIBERIA" shall strive to buttress government efforts in upholding the learning process for the eradication of illiteracy.